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Breaking Bad Driving Habits

Whether you’ve been driving for 40 years or 40 days, some habits are hard to break, including those behind the wheel. Unfortunately, too many driving habits are also dangerous. If there’s anything about the way you drive that should be kicked to the curb, be responsible and make that change. The following are four common dangerous driving habits you should learn to avoid.

Not Wearing Your Seat Belt

It’s one of the first things you learn in driver’s education, but many drivers fail to wear a seat belt when they get in the car. Perhaps you find it uncomfortable, or you’re just making a quick trip down the street. It doesn’t matter. Seat belts save lives, so regardless of the discomfort or the distance you’re driving, you should always put one on.

Eating While Driving

Perhaps you’re really good about keeping your phone off or in the backseat while you’re driving. Did you know eating while behind the wheel is also considered distracted driving? It’s so easy to do when you’re running late for something, or you have a lot of errands that will take all day, but it will be worth taking five minutes to stop instead while you have a bite to eat.

Changing Your Clothes

There have been some crazy stories coming from car accident attorneys about things that happen when people are behind the wheel. While changing your clothes may sound quite normal, consider this: Have you ever slipped on a sweater or taken off a coat because the temperature inside your car changed? If you pull something on or off, you’re going to blind yourself and take focus off the road for a moment.


Believe it or not, some people have been known to use their knees to guide the car’s steering wheel. There are three main reasons this is a terrible idea. First, your knees don’t have fingers to grab the steering wheel if you have to make a sudden turn. Second, your knees can’t get to the 10-2 position, which is where you have the most control while driving. Third, if your knees are doing the steering, chances are you’re most likely distracted by something else.